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On a scale of 1-10, I give them the highest mark of 10. Go to guys for running your inbound marketing. Experts in all aspects of Hubspot. They bring in a lot of energy and are fun to work with. Keep Growing ! Best of Luck.
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Arvind Sehtia
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Sales Inside Inc.

Sales Inside Inc. was founded in 2008 to help businesses overcome B2B demand generation challenges. Headquartered in California, US, it helps businesses – big and small – with their demand generation campaigns.


An early adopter of HubSpot, SalesInside's entire business was driven by inbound marketing. But growth had petered out.


Optimise HubSpot for marketing automation and implement a robust Inbound Marketing system with a focus on SEO to drive up organic traffic.








Started ranking for highly competitive ‘b2b lead generation’ keyphrase in the US

The Growth Playbook - Sales Inside Inc.

Relentless inbound marketing
Pillar Pages
Search Engine Optimization
Prospecting emails
Website Redesign
Landing Pages
Case Studies and eBooks
Nurturing Campaigns

Blogs and Pillar Pages

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Unarmed in the Marketing Battlefield?

Search Engine Optimization

Long Tail keyword strategy

Installed base b2b lead generation is an important revenue driver. Therefore, a number of pages were created and optimized for each long tail installed base technology keyword e.g. Salesforce installed base.

Technical  SEO

SERP competition is fierce in the B2B lead generation space. To support the overall SEO strategy, it was paramount that the website loaded fast (< 1s) for both desktop and mobile.

Social Media

Promoting SalesInside’s specialized services of B2B lead generation with the help of high-quality target database.

The artwork was designed keeping in mind the various industries served by SalesInside. Hence, the different fruits. The campaign offered SalesInside’s relevant and target database useful for B2B lead generation marketing campaigns on social media.
This is a LinkedIn sponsored campaign. It was launched for all the B2B businesses who were looking to target leads in their business space, but with a highly relevant and accurate database.

The artwork’s copy is in sync with SalesInside message. What we tried to communicate was whether you belong to software, cyber-security, finance or any industry, SalesInside has the high quality and relevant database for the desired target market.
In “Email Validation” campaign, our central motive was to help SalesInside’s prospects understand the importance of valid email addresses in a list.

In line with the copy “Increase your chances for lead generation” , this artwork was aimed to offer SalesInside’s persona hygienic database services such as Email validation. The offer would help them build high quality targeted leads for their own businesses.
“Target Business Leads” LinkedIn sponsored update campaign mainly promoted the message that how SalesInside would help businesses in the B2B space, target their relevant audience.

“Empower your Marketing Campaigns” is selected as the artwork’s copy. This was to give an idea how SalesInside’s prospects can reach their relevant audience if they leverage high-quality and target-segment data which SalesInside provides.

Website Redesign



This was the original version of the website developed in 2010. Till 2016, no modifications were done and the site looked unimpressive.


Without going into a prolonged redesign, a simple design was contemplated to hasten execution and delivery, preserving existing SEO ranks.


Campaigns - LinkedIn Sponsored Content

CMO / CEO Campaign

As a part of a LinkedIn sponsored prospecting campaign, this was aimed at the SalesInside’s persona, i.e., sales, marketing & data guys in B2B businesses.

The gap between CMOs and CEOs inspired this campaign idea. Through this campaign, CMOs were enticed to be ahead of fellow C-level executives by leveraging SalesInside’s database services. SalesInside offered them a database of Technology driven businesses to empower their sales and marketing campaigns .

Cornered or corner office campaign

As a part of a LinkedIn sponsored Prospecting campaign, this is aimed at the SalesInside’s persona i.e., CMOs in B2B businesses to offer them the database services.

This campaign delivered a message to CMOs such that they aspire for a corner office rather than getting cornered, in generating qualified leads. In order to help them earn a seat at the revenue table and drive business results, SalesInside offers them a solution.

Marketo campaign

Vista Equity acquired Marekto in August 2016. The idea was to play the event by encouraging Marketo’s competition to take advantage of SalesInside’s B2B lead generation services.

The central concept of this LinkedIn Sponsored Update campaign was to promote SalesInside’s data services. Idea was to target Marketo’s competition and to get them interested.

Hard bounce campaign

Like all other prospecting campaigns, “No hard feelings” (or rather “No hard bounce” campaign) was done to pitch the quality of data services.

Through this LinkedIn campaign, we promoted SalesInside’s “Data Hygiene” services which includes automated and manual steps to ensure the highest level of relevance and accuracy.