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The first pleasant experience I had with Inbound Mantra was that I did not have to spend hours explaining our business to the team…they instantly got it. The second surprise was their turnaround time, which kept us on our toes! The team has always been ready to support us, whether it was with last minute design changes, ensuring correct DNS routing, or advising us in our marketing strategy. It is pretty much like having my own digital marketing expert on standby. I would highly recommend Inbound Mantra to anyone looking to improve and channel their marketing efforts in the right direction.
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Sumedha Tatke
Head of Product Marketing


Tarantula is a Canadian-owned global software company and a proven market leader and provider of end-to-end telecom site management software. We empower tower site owners to achieve operational efficiency and monetize their assets, all to increase the value of their tower business.


Deploying an inbound funnel to track website traffic, leads and conversions in a predictable manner. Identifying opportunities for driving positive word of mouth and establishing tarantula as a thought leader in towerco industry.


Inbound Marketing Services with a focus on content as well as monthly nurturing activities to appeal to the relatively niche target audience. Optimized SEO strategy to attract high quality traffic.








31 high-intent keywords in SERP top 10 with combined search volume of ~ 14,940

The Growth Playbook

Relentless inbound marketing

Pillar Page
Social Media
Landing Pages
Google Ads
Nurturing Emails

Search Engine Optimization

On Page SEO

One Page - One Keyword Strategy
Identified & Ranked for high-intent category keywords related to OSS/BSS

Social Media Campaigns - LinkedIn Sponsored Content

Nurturing - Account Planning Frameworks

Create Unique Brand Identity

Increase TOMR and establish tarantula as a leader in telecom site management industry
Video (Prospecting) - What is Key account Management?


Boost Brand Equity

Establish a distinct visual language and drive positive word-of-mouth around the product/service offerings

Website Forms

DemandFarm Product Page

Contact Us

Guided by heatmap and behaviour flow analysis, the contact form was optimized for conversions and lower bounce rates
DemandFarm Landing Page

Customer Care

New form created for customer care related queries to filter leads from customer support related queries

Landing Pages

Contact Us

Top webpages and landing pages were redesigned to improve the UI/UX , overall design as well as to increase the conversion paths.

More landing pages more conversions

Added new landing pages to provide a conversion path to existing leads. Redesigned existing landing pages to ensure best practices are being followed.


Paid Ads

Branded Ads

Highly targeted responsive search ads (RSA) run on branded search terms to boost conversions

Competition Ads

Outbidding a key competitor bidding on client's branded search terms

Nurturing Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter containing the latest updates in the towerco industry, partner news, case studies and more.

To nurture existing leads through the buying cycle to help them make a purchasing decision.


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