A 3-month HubSpot implementation that addressed complex multi-geography processes with over 200 custom fields

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Great Service

We used inbound Mantra to further our inbound marketing efforts and implement Hubspot. They are true partners, they were proactive & insightful with suggestions and ran the implementation project really well. I highly recommend them.
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Sandeep Kulkarni

The BORN Group

BORN is an award-winning global digital & content production agency. Headquartered in the Big Apple, BORN combines an experience of 25 years in both integrated creative productions, and full service digital eCommerce solutions.


BORN had already short-listed HubSpot for its marketing and sales automation initiatives. Finding the right HubSpot Partner in the US in terms of costs and implementation timelines (3 months) was a challenge.


Inbound Mantra put together a 4 member team in just 1 week. The first 2 weeks involved daily huddles involving teams spread across India, UK and US. Thanks to detailed documentation, the entire project was closed in 3 months.


Delivered on time, in 3 months and within the budgeted costs without any escalations. It wasn't an easy implementation given the involvement of many C-level BORN executives operating in different time zones.

HubSpot Delivered.

Fast and Meticulous


BORN is a large digital agency with hundreds of accounts and account managers. An implementation plan taking into account timelines, costs and multiple stakeholders across geographies was built. Daily reviews (huddles) were an integral part.

Standard Set-up

Tracking script
Replacing web forms
Set-up email sending domains

Data Migration

Astonishingly, BORN was keeping all its marketing, sales and revenue data in large microsoft excel files. More than 200 custom fields were created in HubSpot and accurately mapped to the excel fields; and then uploaded. There were hiccups :)


Simple reporting requirements were addressed with HubSpot's reporting add-on. Complex requirements were addressed using Google Sheets dashboards that pulled data from HubSpot using APIs.


This was the first time BORN was taking steps towards automation. Though their competition had catalyzed them into action, they were extremely wary about changing existing processes. This required us to understand BORN's imperatives, make a meaningful case for intervention and then followed my execution.


Microsoft outlook
Google Sheets