Demand Generation Agency, At Times.

Inbound Mantra has inbound marketing in its core and is focused on generating leads the inbound way, even for itself. We eat our own dog food.

Being a service provider it is important for us to help our clients achieve business goals and sometimes inbound is just not enough. We understand the limitations of inbound marketing when it comes to lead generation and hence have to extend our thinking and look for the best possible outbound solutions i.e. all demand generation initiatives.

These initiatives include, but are not restricted to the following demand generation methods:-

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Email Prospecting

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PPC Campaign

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Press Releases

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Offline Initiatives

Demand Generation is not just about creating a demand or excitement around the product and consists of everything from creating awareness to lead nurturing. The ultimate goal of demand generation strategy is to build and nurture prospects leading to a fruitful customer-company relationship in the long term.

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Inbound marketing is an integral part of demand generation and primarily focuses on a content driven approach to attract customers.  On the other hand demand generation services includes multiple touch-points like blogging, emails, social media promotion, events and offline initiatives to deliver on business goals. Inbound is an important pillar of demand generation which helps in achieving high quality leads.

Though we happen to be a HubSpot tiered inbound marketing agency, the business needs of clients has seen Inbound Mantra taking up initiatives usually reserved for a conventional  Demand Generation Agency.

Inbound Business Worth Us $ 75 Mn Generated Till Date . How?

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