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Load HubSpot COS Websites Fast. Really Fast !!!

HubSpot COS is changing marketing

The HubSpot COS gives marketers a chance to make their marketing truly all-in-one. It solves the following problems.
Single User View

No separate data analysis for website traffic. Therefore, no leakage of valuable visitor and lead data.


Opportunity to personalize websites according to Buyer Persona, leads and even customers. At times, you can even call them names on the HubSpot COS website. Cool, right?

Bye Bye Developer

No dependency on a website developer for making the website or making changes. Phew !!!

Problem - a slow loading HubSpot COS Website

There is an irony, in all this.

Growth marketers throughout the world trust HubSpot COS in adhering to all CMS best practices – SEO, site load times, and all things inbound marketing. But, at times, the HubSpot COS websites do not load fast enough. The reasons are as under:

More than 2 year old HubSpot COS Websites.

Website not built for functionality but for visual appeal.

Websites built using HubSpot COS Marketplace templates. These templates carry redundant code.

Solution - HubSpot COS FAST

Inbound Mantra offers a specialised HubSpot COS optimisation service with the objective to quicken page load time.
Minifying Resources (HTML, JS, CSS)

Removes white space characters, newline characters, comments and block delimiters

Image Optimization

High-resolution images increase page size and page size is the main contributing factor for page speed.

Reducing Redirects and Requests

URLs should not be redirected and requested leading to delays.

Optimize loading for CSS, HTML & JS

This will improve your page load performance by putting CSS first and JS at the end which will load the page even before it is opened.

Using CSS Sprites

Spriting is the best way to reduce the page requests.

Responsive Design

With this approach the site recognizes the device that your visitor is using and automatically generates a page that is responsive to the device. Thus, optimising for Form Factor.

Mobile Optimization

This means designing and formatting your website so that it’s easy to read and navigate from a mobile device.


Minifying Resources
Image Optimization
Reducing redirects and requests
Optimize loading for CSS, JS & HTML
Using CSS Sprites
Responsive Design
Mobile Optimization
Upto 5 Pages
Upto 10 Pages
10+ Pages
20+ Pages
Basic Package
$ 60 per page
$ 300
$ 560
10+ Pages (10%off)
20+ Pages (20%off)
Advanced Package
$ 100 per page
$ 460
$ 920
10+ Pages (10%off)
20+ Pages (20%off)
*(10+ Pages, 20+ Pages) – off on total number of pages + taxes

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