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HubSpot is the most intuitive and one of the most user-friendly software. There is a tonne of training and certifications available to make you understand its functioning. But still, there is a need to train teams because:

Hubspot Onboarding Packages

Choose from the HubSpot customized onboarding packages

These are the following onboarding packages offered by HubSpot. We have an advanced onboarding training system which provides great support and offer exclusive onboarding services to people according to their requirements. The only challenge is that this onboarding will mostly be remote for Teams in India.

Basic Onboarding

Get help with your setup and learn how to launch a campaign with HubSpot Academy videos and live webinars in our Basic Onboarding Package.

Professional Onboarding

Work one-on-one with a HubSpot specialist who will assist with the implementation of software & build a project plan for launching your first campaign

Enterprise Onboarding

Choose from a selection of Enterprise-grade Onboarding options designed to configure the full range of the HubSpot tools in conjunction with more advanced marketing strategy.

HubSpot Training Formats

HubSpot Remote Training

This will give a complete local support to the new HubSpot onboarders and will enhance their very beginning with the HubSpot software usage.

In Classroom Training

This will provide a classroom training to the new HubSpot users and will give them an enhanced HubSpot learning to understand the software in depth.

HubSpot Training for different Tracks

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HubSpot Inbound Marketing Software

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HubSpot Sales Software

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HubSpot Marketing and Sales Software

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