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HubSpot is intuitive. It is one of the most user-friendly marketing sales software out there. There is a tonne of training and certifications available to understand its functioning. Still, there is a need to train teams because:

Don't go by its user-friendliness, HubSpot software is massive and takes many mistakes to learn the intricacies. Luckily you don't have to do hte mistakes, for you got us.

Teams do not find the time to go through all the nitty-gritty of HubSpot and thus end up using just a small percentage of the actual capabilities of this software.

HubSpot Onboarding Packages

Choose what works best for you
HubSpot offers the following onboarding packages; and Inbound Mantra may offer the same independently or with a partnership with the HubSpot Singapore team.

Basic Onboarding

Get help with your setup and learn how to launch a campaign with HubSpot Academy videos and live webinars in our Basic Onboarding Package.

Professional Onboarding

Work one-on-one with a HubSpot specialist who will assist with the implementation of software & build a project plan for launching your first campaign.

Enterprise Onboarding

Choose from a selection of Enterprise-grade Onboarding options designed to configure the full range of HubSpot tools in conjunction with a more advanced marketing strategy.

HubSpot Training Formats

Remote and In-Person

HubSpot Remote Training

Best suited for distributed teams, this training format can be customized for end users basis their functions i.e. marketing, sales or leadership. This training option is a good first step to get initiated into HubSpot.

In Classroom Training

Best suited for centralized teams, or traditional marketing and sales teams. Classroom sessions attempt simulate a complete marketing campaign giving users an opportunity to see results of their actions.

Training for different HubSpot Products

Choose which HubSpot product you wish to learn
A few years ago, HubSpot was only about marketing. Then came the CRM, then sales, then a FREE version and then Service was launched as the last piece of the inbound marketing flywheel. If learning one wasn't a challenge, now you have so many versions to contend with. Inbound Mantra offers training programs covering each HubSpot product version. For advanced users and teams, we offer a comprehensive intervention covering all HubSpot product versions.


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Everything about HubSpot and didn't know who to ask?

Is HubSpot right for us? Should we use HubSpot FREE? Which HubSpot version is best for us? What integrations are possible? We already have a CRM, should we still use HubSpot? Why is HubSpot so expensive?