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About Inbound Mantra

Inbound Mantra is an award winning full service Inbound Marketing Agency with a strong focus on ROI. Inbound Mantra will not engage if it is unable to see a path to ROI. We are a proud HubSpot Partner leading their sales effort in India and US. At the same time, we are independent and agnostic. We may or may not choose HubSpot in delivering our Inbound Marketing services scope.
Our team of Inbound Marketing Experts have consistently delivered results for businesses across sectors – SaaS, Business Services, Real Estate, Education – working closely with leading brands both in India and US. We eat our own Dog Food. Our passion towards our approach and our confidence stems from the fact that we use the same inbound marketing practices to acquire clients and grow.

40 +

Clients Impacted

22 +

HubSpot Accounts

750 +


40,000 +

Inbound Leads

The Exciting Journey Continues...


Growing Focusing

Growing and focusing on delivering growth for US facing SaaS companies.


Someone Got Bored

and jumped off a cliff. And Inbound Marketing lands in India.


HubSpot India Partner

Inbound Mantra invests into a partnership with the World’s leading Inbound Marketing Software Company – HubSpot. And quickly qualifies to becomes India’s first silver tiered HubSpot Inbound Marketing Agency.

Why us?

Delivering Growth

40 +

Clients Impacted

22 +

HubSpot Accounts

750 +


40,000 +

Inbound Leads

Who We Are Not?

Digital Marketing and
Social Media Agency

Yes, we do digital channels and social media. But, we don’t do ‘just’ that. These channels have to fit in with the overall inbound marketing strategy to deliver predictable revenue.

Content Marketing Agency

Content is the bedrock of inbound marketing. While we could do content for you, it is best if it is aligned to revenue goals.

Lead Generation Agency

We are like a lead generation agency. But, if you are looking for leads immediately, we may not be able to help you. We specialise in creating a strong inbound pipeline that delivers inbound qualified leads month-after-month. It takes time – about 6 months.

Inbound Mantra is an Out and Out Inbound Marketing Company, completely focused on growth.

Yes. Take My Business, Inbound.

Full Service Inbound Marketing

When Should You Consider Inbound Mantra?


You have been doing inbound marketing, but you can’t seem to drive growth with it.

Bandwidth & Resources

Inbound Marketing is driving growth for your competition, but you are missing out because of the absence of a team.


Someone somewhere helped you understand the value of inbound marketing and recommended hiring an inbound marketing firm to experiment this well.

Case Studies

Inbound Marketing Agency - Hippo CMMS logo

Hippo CMMS is a CMMS Software company based in Canada. Organic Traffic grew 66% in 4 months after being flat for a year.

How we helped: SEO, CRO, HubSpot COS Development and Marketing Automation.

See this Project
Inbound Marketing Agency - Mind Tickle logo

MindTickle is a sales enablement learning software company. In a short span of 6 months, MindTickle increased website traffic by 54% and qualified leads by 4.56 times, via Inbound Marketing.

How we helped: SEO, Blogging, Twitter engagement, newsletters and LinkedIn.

See this Project

Don't Believe What We Say! Hear It From Our Clients.

Inbound Mantra helped us with CTA’s, Landing Pages, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Online Ads, Newsletters, Blogging, Web Analytics. These resulted in high-quality organic and inorganic traffic for MindTickle. I highly recommend Raj and his team.

Mohit Garg

We are a fast growing CMMS (Maintenance Software) company that applies the SaaS business model. In our increasing competitve space we need to keep the leads coming in and ensure cost per lead is manageble. Hippo CMMS has worked with 4 SEO consultants over the last 7 years. Inbound Mantra has been by far the best. Unlike other providers in the past who won’t commit to results or say you won’t see anything until 6 months, these guys have show great results in 3 months. The’ve also been instrumental in pushing out our lead scoring, updating our marketing automation, content creation and more. Basically, they are our in house marketing team and work so quickly that it is hard to keep up. They’re awesome.

Daniel Golub
Manager Hippo CMMS

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