Inbound Marketing Consulting

Find new growth areas with pragmatic inbound marketing plans

Make business sense of Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing isn't obvious when you start thinking about it for the first time

Confronting the following Questions?

  • Is your organization contemplating Inbound Marketing Services, but does not know where to begin?
  • Is traditional marketing giving diminishing returns?
  • Have you done Google Adwords but not got ROI?
  • Is your management not sure how to approach digital for business?
  • Is your business becoming increasingly clueless about its customers?
  • Is Competition hurting you?
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Consulting and Strategy

Inbound Mantra (HubSpot Partner) believe in creating and delivering SMART Inbound Strategy for your business. One that is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound.

Driven by a team with a background in management consulting, Inbound Mantra’s inbound marketing consulting services do not just recommend, but execute well-designed
experiments to test hypothesis with the sole objective of determining optimum sustainable
methods to undertake customer acquisition.
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The Approach

  • Assessment – Overall and Inbound
  • Align business plan with an overall inbound marketing plan
  • Define the scope
  • Interview stakeholders and customers to develop buyer personas
  • Develop an Inbound Marketing plan with goals and timelines
  • Propose and execute experiments
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