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Considering a Career in Inbound Marketing?

Life at Inbound Mantra revolves around its small Team. We continuously keep falling in love with Inbound Marketing and never seem to mind her eccentricities and unpredictability. Education and Research in this domain is a matter of life for us. All the degrees of freedom are at your disposal. You have all the autonomy you can ask for.

That is why we happily work round the clock. As a very small team, we appreciate the pressure and do the best we can, to honour even the smallest of commitments, not to forget indispensable project deadlines.

Compensation is above market and so is the quality and pressure of work.

Does the following paragraph describe you?

You are a wonderful human being. You keep your word. Great work is a priority for you. You understand that to do great things, you also have to do the mundane and the monotonous. You like freedom and autonomy. You want to learn all the time. You are organized and always learning how to improve further. You are keen to make a name for yourself. You like doing things FAST. You do kick ass stuff.

Why you should consider Inbound Mantra?

Inbound Mantra is a leader in Inbound Marketing based in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR (India). Also a ‘Tiered’ HubSpot partner, Inbound Mantra is engaged with the country’s top business brands like Sobha, Bharti Group, BenQ and a number of US facing SaaS companies. Inbound Mantra is currently looking for top talent that is excited about creating an identity in India’s fast growing inbound marketing market. If you are keen to get an early start in an emerging field, this opportunity is for you. A 3 to 5-year experience in this field, will put you at par with a (conventional) business and marketing professional with 10 years experience.