Associate Director Client Services – Inbound Marketing

Role: Full Time | Location: Gurgaon | Joining: Immediate to 3 Months


Thank you for taking interest. If you are reading this, we understand and welcome your interest in Inbound Marketing. But this role is seeking someone who has taken birth just to do ‘Inbound Marketing’ just the way Pele was born to play Football.

Please read the entire page carefully. Each and every word has been thought through and written.

Only those who follow the Interview process carefully will be considered.


This is a career role, not a job. This role is a great opportunity to play a leadership role at Inbound Mantra. As the top HubSpot Partner in India, Inbound Mantra is leading the inbound marketing market. This role is an opportunity to further this commitment. It is about becoming one of India’s top inbound marketers.

This role is also being looked at, as a first step towards heading Inbound Mantra and becoming the No.1 team member here. It will also decide Inbound Mantra’s future. Are you excited by this challenge?

Autonomy is a key feature of this role, where you will have complete freedom in driving Inbound Mantra in pursuing all client goals. Plus the added latitude of building teams as the role deem fits.


  • Client Delivery

    • Serve as Client’s Single Point of Contact for all project delivery
    • Take ownership and complete responsibility of Client Success
    • Understand the client’s business, industry, revenue model, customer and buyer personas
    • Develop and execute the inbound marketing strategy to deliver revenue goals
    • Lead the Client, and Say ‘NO’ when it is needed. Be the brand guardian and fully understand the creative work, critique and challenge.
    • Challenge and inspire the client and build Inbound Mantra’s position as a partner by acting as friend-in-need
    • Drive account profitability
    • Lead weekly client calls
    • Ensure regular updates to Clients
    • Ensure scope is delivered 100%
  • Manage and Build Teams

    • Demand and support high quality timely output from client teams
    • Lead the client team towards delivering compelling and inspiring marketing solutions
    • Demonstrate team activity to ensure appropriate activity is developed and implemented such that it achieves its objectives.
    • Brainstorm strategic, creative direction of accounts
    • Train new team members
    • Manage the growth of the inbound marketing delivery by creating a replicable pod model
    • Enthuse digital and inbound marketing into the agency through strategy, team and systems
    • Work closely with senior Directors to drive team productivity
    • Participate in HubSpot events – Partner Meets and Inbound
    • Represent Inbound Mantra at conferences and industry meet-ups
    • Recommend investments to drive learning, productivity and enthusiasm

Desired Candidate

  • You take leadership.
  • You solve problems.
  • You GSD (get shit done).
  • You are honest and authentic.
  • You will obsess about this role 24×7.
  • You are unreasonable with timelines.
  • You are already a success at the intersection of business, marketing and customer acquisition. You are hungry about exploring an opportunity to build on this success, via a leadership role.
  • You have a track record to validate your interest in this role.
  • You stand for ROI and can prove your stand.
  • You are able to prioritise activities that have a link to revenue.
  • You use digital for business productivity.
  • You know and use digital tools that only early adopters would.
  • You write for fun and fame.
  • You like to learn new things.
  • Understands what is expected in this role and reflects that understanding in the Cover Letter.

Desired Knowledge and Skills

  • Ability to understand key consumer insights and drive the most appropriate marketing solutions for our clients.
  • Knowledge of all the digital channels – UI, UX, Website Design, SEO, Social Media, Web Analytics, Paid Campaigns.
  • Inner workings of ad tools across Facebook, Adwords, Bing, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest.
    Influencer Marketing.
  • Leading SEO and content digital practitioner, up to date with latest developments and Google Algorithm changes.
  • Should be creative but take a data driven performance based approach.
  • Copy writing.
  • Typing > 75 WPM.
  • Excellent people manager with a track record of growing teams.
  • Ability to develop strategic perspective on any subject via strong business analysis skills.

Experience and Qualification

  • Masters qualification, while we have affinity for technology backgrounds, we are open to Philosophy as well
  • Minimum 5 years experience in a Digital agency / Management Consulting like the Big 4 / marketing KPO
  • HubSpot Software Certification
  • Achieved ROI on at least 10 integrated full-funnel marketing campaigns across SEO, Social Media, Content and Nurturing.
  • A good working knowledge of Inbound Marketing, Marketing Automation, CRM.
  • At Least 1 year direct experience with HubSpot / Infusionsoft / Marketo / LeadSquared or similar software.
  • Successfully executed at least 10 paid campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Adwords and Social Media
  • Strong project management skills during campaign management; experience with software such as Trello, Asana would be desirable.
  • Exposure to ATL marketing is a plus.
  • Leveraged Inbound Sales in at least 1 campaign.
  • Developed more than 10 Buyer Personas.
  • Developed and executed at least one 3-month content calendar, as part of an overall campaign.

How to Apply? And the Interview Process

  1. Resume and Cover Letter: To apply, send your updated resume along with a cover letter to with the subject line: Associate Director Client Services {Your Name}. Cover letter is very important. If you are not sending a cover letter, please do not apply. The cover letter should contain 1 example each, along the following factors, so that we can get a visual of your capabilities:
    1. Business Strategy – Give an example to show how you used Business Strategy to meet goals
    2. Creativity
    3. Analytics
    4. Project Management, specifically how you have managed multiple projects, at the same time.
    5. Team Management, an example with Millennials would be welcome
    6. Digital Quotient
    7. Writing
    8. GSD – You can Get Shit Done
    9. Leadership
    10. ROI – Showcase your best project executed from a ROI perspective
  2. Presentation Challenge: If shortlisted, a writing and presentation challenge will be given.
  • References: Phone call with 2 references who can vouch for your professional work
  • Interview
  • Offer


Thank you for taking the time to go through this.