Web Analytics Specialist

Role: Full Time | Location: Gurgaon

The Role of Analytics in Inbound Marketing

In short, analytics can make or break inbound marketing.

Analytics plays a critical role in guiding inbound marketing consultants towards delivering success for their clients. If things are not working well, analytics can find the solution. If things are working just OK, analytics can fire things up. Analytics can create the much needed impact to help Inbound Mantra clients grow. It is like being the centre forward in a football team.

The web analytics specialist will work closely with fellow inbound marketing consulants to deliver on overall traffic goals, qualified lead numbers and campaign goals. This will require work across many functions of web analytics like set-up, monitoring, reporting, experimentation and continuous improvement including automation. It will also entail revisiting criteria to qualify traffic in terms of business and also hygiene factors such as bot activity, bounce rates and inaccurate tracking.

Desired Candidate

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience
  • 3 years of web analytics and reporting experience
  • Should know Google Analytics inside out. Knowledge of Adobe analytics, Heap, Piwik would be good too
  • Data visualization expert with proven body of work in Tableau / Google Data Studio
  • Strong communication and presentation skills. Ability to say more with data. Ability to clearly communicate ideas and results to common people
  • Strong analytic and technical thought process with the zeal to identify new analysis areas and opportunities for improvement
  • Strong Data analysis skills with ability to work on large data sets, identify data anomalies, interpret findings, identify trends and generate insights
  • Strong knowledge of current best practices and is always on the cutting-edge of all things analytics
  • Familiarity with web development technologies to collect data points e.g. Data Layer
  • AB tests and multivariate tests
  • SEO and corresponding analytics
  • James Bond of spreadsheets. Plus good SQL skills
  • In depth working experience with Google Tag Manager

Job Description

This is a CORE role at Inbound Mantra. You will have the following opportunity:-

  • Implement and update code for collecting and reporting on web activity
  • Analyze inbound marketing campaigns, give feedback to client delivery teams and follow through on their implementation
  • Analyze user behavior – patterns, trends and predict, the impact of changes
  • Identify content opportunities to drive traffic and leads
  • Quickly respond to ad-hoc analytic requests. Design and maintain adhoc report and analyses
  • Develop web analytics dashboards
  • Analyze data from distributed sources and prepare insightful reports based on the findings
  • Provide training to inbound marketing colleagues
  • Recommend new tools and drive agile projects to implement them
  • Drive thought-leadership on web analytics to position Inbound Mantra as a leading analytics focused inbound marketing agency. Be the subject matter expert for internal teams and the community
  • Recruit new budding analytics talent and coach them
  • Lead SEO analytics and drive 100% automation for it
  • Design, develop and execute multi-variate tests
  • Team up with HubSpot teams to create new analytics dashboard

Why you should consider Inbound Mantra?

Inbound Mantra is a leader in Inbound Marketing based in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR (India). It is the only ‘Tiered’ HubSpot India partner. With clients in India and the US, Inbound Mantra is demonstrating leadership in this high-growth emerging area. If you are keen to get an early start in an emerging field, this opportunity is for you. A 3 to 5 year experience in this field, will put you at par with a (conventional) business and marketing professional with 10 years experience. Actually, senior marketing professionals (the incumbents) stand little chance, if they do not change. And that is the opportunity for you. Because, you don’t have to change. You were born (well almost) in a digital environment.

How to Apply?

Kindly send us a link of your “Public LinkedIn Profile” to raj@inboundmantra.com along with your updated Resume. A short paragraph on why you are a right fit for this role would be wonderful. Please email with the Subject Line – ‘Web Analytics Specialist | {Your Name }’.