B2w takes Inbound approach to Video Marketing

Broadcast2world is the one of the world’s largest creators of explainer videos and the only company in the US to have a large in-house production team.

Sunny Arora

Time Period:
September 1, 2016 – Present

Inbound leads
Organic Traffic (M-o-M Growth)

Yes. Take my Business, Inbound.


Fall Offer Campaign

Why: This was a Facebook remarketing campaign launched around the Fall season in October 2016 to reach out to people who were already aware of B2w and give them Special  Discounts.

What: The idea was to re-target the Website Visitors and give them special discounts during the Fall season so that they keep coming for more.

Donald Trump Campaign

Why: This is a LinkedIn campaign which was launched around the Presidential Elections 2016 in the US.

What: Idea was to grab prospect’s attention during the Presidential elections and focus on the power of Video Marketing which played a major role in helping Trump become Mr President. 

Social Proof Campaign

Why: This was run on both Facebook and LinkedIn. It was a campaign promoting Social Proof which never fails.

What: For this campaign client’s testimonial was taken and sponsored campaign was launched on social media platforms.

Youtube Alternatives Campaign

Why: This was a LinkedIn sponsored campaign launched to offer informational resource to the target audience of interest.

What: It was aimed to offer a Free eBook download to the people who are interested in Video hosting.


What can Trump teach you about Video Marketing

Why:  B2w’s target market is US. Therefore, this eBook was launched in the month of November’2016 (Presidential Election month) for the persona of B2w in order to create popular and engaging videos the way Donald Trump did. 

What: This eBook is a set of 3 lessons taken from the video marketing tactics used by the uber-popular and ever controversial Donald Trump. This 9 pager eBook focuses on what Donald Trump did and what marketers can learn from him in order to effectively built a brand personality, tell a brand story and project their product/service as a solution to their persona’s pain points.

Landing Pages

Avail Exciting Offers

Avail Exciting Offers

Tell stories that drive results for your business

Tell stories that drive results for your business

Need a Business Video? Let's Talk!

Need a Business Video? Let's Talk!

Triumph your Video Marketing with Trump

Triumph your Video Marketing with Trump


A proven short-term 4 month Inbound Marketing intervention to prove the power of Inbound for your business.