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Leonardo DiCaprio Campaign

Why: This was a LinkedIn Sponsored Campaign which was launched to play around the victory of Leonardo Di Caprio in Oscars.

What: The idea behind the campaign promoted a message that since you can’t have the Wolf of the Wall Street to run your sales team, you must have Inside Sales Box as an equivalent alternative. Hence, it was ISB’s “take-a-trial” campaign.

Kung Fu Hustle Campaign

Why: The buzz in US was witnessed that the SDRs usually hustle in their sales approach. This paved way to the creation of this LinkedIn sponsored campaign.

What: To be in line with the “SDRs who hustle”, this persona based campaign was focused to offer ISB as a muscle which will help manage SDRs manage their sales process.

Jack Nicholson Campaign

Why: With an aim of sales prospecting, we launched this campaign starring Jack Nicholson. His famous dialogue “You can’t handle the proof” from a movie “A Few good men” was used for this campaign

What: In line with the copy “You can’t handle the proof”, this campaign was aimed to offer SDRs a Proof of Concept, i.e., trial of ISB software.

Sports Coaches Campaign

Why: As a part of a nurturing campaign, this was aimed at providing sales coaching. ISB’s persona i.e., SDRs, are sports loving people. Hence, the integration of Sports and Sales Coaching.

What: For this campaign, a creative eBook was designed to unfold the four unique approaches to coaching by the 3 Greatest Sports coaches namely, Sir Alex Ferguson, Anson Dorrance and Phil Jackson. This eBook has 5 important takeaways from the coaching styles that the SDRs can seize.


Integrate Campaign

Why: HokuApps is capable of connecting over 500 softwares with its platform. This campaign was launched as “This is not a joke” to steal the viewers gaze.

What: This was a LinkedIn Sponsored Update campaign that highlighted the power of HokuApps to integrate almost all the softwares currently existing in the market.

Sales Bot Campaign

Why – This campaign was to show how HokuApps unifies all company’s data and provides meaningful insights on that data

What – This creative presents extracting sales forecast from HokuApps is as easy as asking a bot for answers.

80% Pipeline Campaign

Why – Sales leaders and CXO’s struggle to get pipeline visibility because of scattered data.

What – This LinkedIn Sponsored update campaign was launched to present how HokuApps helps them in predicting sales forecast, thereby saving precious sales time.

Custom Report MQL

Why – Custom reports are overpaid and hard to get, this campaign shows how they’re only a click away with HokuApps.

What – This campaign shows an MCQ, asking the charge for a custom report. This campaign states how HokuApps is the simplest way to get a custom report.


Why: This was a Facebook remarketing campaign launched around the Fall season in October to reach out to people who were already aware of B2w and give them Special  Discounts and Offers.

What: The idea was to re-target the Website Visitors and give them special discounts during the Fall season so that they kept coming for more and instill loyalty in them.

Why: This is a LinkedIn campaign which was launched around the Presidential Elections 2016 in US

What: Idea was to grab prospect’s attention during the time of Presidential elections in US and focus on the power of Video Marketing which played a major role in helping Trump reach to the point of becoming US’s President.

Why: This was run on both Facebook and LinkedIn. It was a campaign promoting Social Proof which never fails.

What: For this campaign client’s testimonial was taken and sponsored campaign was launched on both social media platforms.

Why: This is a LinkedIn campaign which was launched around the Presidential Elections 2016 in US

What: Idea was to grab prospect’s attention during the time of Presidential elections in US and focus on the power of Video Marketing which played a major role in helping Trump reach to the point of becoming US’s President.

Sobha Limited

50-50 Payment Scheme

Why: This prospecting campaign, launched in August 2015, was driven by Facebook lead-ads to target C-Level Executives and Entrepreneurs in New Delhi NCR region.

What: In line with the campaign’s artwork copy, “Half now, half later,” Sobha Limited promoted their pay scheme offer where the customer could pay 50% of the total money as a booking amount and another 50% after the completion of the project.

E-Book Campaign

Why: “The International City Luxury Home Buyer” eBook is a nurturing campaign for Sobha Limited’s existing contacts. This campaign was promoted at Facebook through Facebook lead ads in October 2015.

What: This eBook was launched to enlighten Sobha Limited’s contacts about what the brand “Sobha” means to global Indian clients in various countries. This eBook furnished all the reasons why a prospect must chose “Sobha’s International City” as their home.

IIT-IIM Campaign

Why: Through this Facebook lead-ads campaign launched in May 2016 and targeted at New Delhi NCR region, we strived to prospect graduates from IIT & IIM in the age group of 27 to 65 years.

What: The artwork’s design elements, i.e., IIT & IIM batches, were arranged as such to deliver a look of a progressive staircase design. It strives to portray the progression of a person achieving success starting from an IIT to IIM and finally moving towards Sobha. Brand positioning was reflected in this campaign.

Detail-Oriented Campaign

Why: “Details make the difference” was the first successful campaign of Sobha Limited. Facebook ads were leveraged to promote this prospecting campaign launched in July 2015.

What: Since its inception, Sobha Limited has been detail-oriented in all spheres of business conduct. Therefore, the creative artwork was created to highlight the same. The target audience was IT professionals and Higher Management level based in New Delhi NCR region.

Herald Logic

Channel Management Webinar

Why: Channel management is still an emerging concept in the area of financial services distribution.

What: The Herald Logic team presented a webinar highlighting challenges in the distribution of financial services. Mr. K Venkatesh (IFMR – CEO) was the guest speaker. 20 attendees contributed to the success of the webinar.

Problem Solving Campaign - LinkedIn

Why: Incentives form a significant part of rewards in the financial services sector. Manual calculation of incentives (using excel) results in errors; thereby causing leakage to the tune of 9%.

What: This LinkedIn sponsored campaign was targeted at the Head of Sales and Distribution in the financial services sector. To get a sense of the numbers, click here.


Newspaper Campaign

Why: This was a LinkedIn sponsored prospecting campaign which was targeted at Sales Ops in US.

What: The idea behind running this campaign was to reach US Sales Ops in a company size of 5k to 10k. Through this campaign, Sales Ops were given an offer of free consultation of Key Account Management Technology.

KPO Campaign

Why: This campaign is a LinkedIn sponsored prospecting campaign aimed at SAMA (Strategic Account Management Association) Group based in U.S.

What: The idea of the campaign was to offer SAMA’S followers a down-loadable i.e., Customer Success Case Study. The case study explains how a particular KPO benefited in generating 35% average revenue from key accounts by leveraging DemandFarm’s KAM Technology.

Bot Campaign

Why: Bot Campaign was launched to prospect DemandFarm’s persona in US industries of size 5k to 10k.

What: In line with the artwork’s copy, i.e., “A Bot for your Key Account Managers”, this campaign aimed to give the CEOs and the Key Account Managers a consultation on the KAM technology.


Why: “Dreamforce Session 2016” campaign was a prospecting campaign, sponsored by LinkedIn.

What: The campaign’s artwork was in line with the copy, “Choosing a President is easy but a Dreamforce session?”. Through this campaign, DemandFarm helped Dreamforce’s network choose the right KAM sessions to attend in the Dreamforce 2016 event. The campaign offered a talk with CEO of DemandFarm.

Hi Tech Robotic Systemz

Why: As a part of a prospecting campaign, this creative was aimed to exhibit the perks of Next Generation AGV Forklifts by Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz Ltd.

What: The design was inspired by the “Job Posting” section of a newspaper. The idea was to create a “posting” which is proficient and unparalleled in the market. It offered a demo to intrigue the interest of Factory Heads to address their warehousing requirements.

Why: This LinkedIn sponsored campaign was executed to represent a well-constructed positioning held by Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz Ltd in the market.

What: The artwork illustrated the Hi-tech Robotic Systemz’s clientele of good repute who are happily reaping the benefits of their AGVs. It also aimed to compel Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz’s persona i.e., Factory Heads and Supply Chain Heads to join the league of successful clients.

Why: In this prospecting “Boost Labour Productivity” creative, we visually tried to bring out the measure of output produced by Hi-Tech Robotic’s AGVs.

What: The minimal creative artwork was simple and compelling which was in line with the message we tried to communicate through the creative: “Less is the new more”. AGV is truly a bliss for Factory Heads, a true energy, time and capital saver for them! “Get a Demo” was the campaign’s call-to-action.

Why: Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz wanted to promote their “India Warehousing Show” held in New Delhi. Hence the artwork.

What: Through this campaign aimed at Supply Chain Heads and Factory Managers, Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz created a buzz about the launch of their new driverless logistics vehicle, namely, Novus Stacker, Novus Jack, and Novus Omnistore.

Sales Inside

CMO/CEO Campaign

Why: As a part of a LinkedIn sponsored prospecting campaign, this was aimed at the Sales Inside’s persona, i.e., sales, marketing & data guys in B2B businesses.

What: The gap between CMOs and CEOs inspired this campaign idea. Through this campaign, CMOs were enticed to be ahead of fellow C-level executives by leveraging Sales Inside’s database services. SalesInside offered them a database of Technology driven businesses and empower their sales and marketing campaigns .

Marketo Campaign

Why: This was a part of a LinkedIn sponsored prospecting campaign. It was launched to play around the acquisition of Marketo by Vista Equity in August 2016.

What: The central concept of the campaign was to promote SalesInside’s data services. This campaign, aimed at B2B businesses and the sales, marketing & data people, was launched to offer them the database of Vista Equity acquired Marketo.

Cornered or Corner Office Campaign

Why: As a part of a LinkedIn sponsored Prospecting campaign, this is aimed at the Sales Inside’s persona, i.e., CMOs in B2B businesses to offer them the database services.

What: This campaign delivered a message to CMOs that achieve a corner office and not get cornered. In order to help them earn a seat at the revenue table and drive business results, SalesInside offered them a database of technology driven businesses.

Hard Bounce Campaign

Why: Like all other prospecting campaigns, “No hard feelings” (or rather “No hard bounce” campaign) was sponsored by LinkedIn. It was targeted at sales, marketing and data guys in B2B space.

What: Through this campaign we tried to promote SalesInside’s “Data Hygiene” services. It includes automated and manual steps to ensure the highest level of relevance and accuracy. Like other campaigns, SalesInside offered their B2B business prospects a relevant database of technology driven businesses.


Why: ibis Delhi Airport loves to engage its patrons, whether they stay or are just visiting.

What: Monthly contests like “Match the Following” were lapped up by existing Followers on Facebook. For the purposes of amplification, these contests were also promoted using sponsored updates.

Why: During the summer months, India is IPL. Almost !!! ibis Delhi Airport was batting for Delhi Daredevils.

What: Contests that featured dinner giveaways were a regular feature in all matches played by Delhi Daredevils. ibis Delhi Airport played favorites.

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