CSS Corp begins Inbound Marketing with HubSpot ...


CSS Corp is a new age US based IT Services and Technical Support company providing cloud migration services, enterprise customer care support, Analytics, Software Testing etc and many other services. CSS Corp migrated from Act-On to HubSpot to automate and aggregate all its marketing.

Their search for an Inbound Marketing Agency to better leverage HubSpot brought them to Inbound Mantra.

Associate Director:
Rahul Jain

Time Period:
April, 2017 – October, 2017

Started ranking on Google Page #1 (US) for over 30 Keywords in 3 months time

2X Increase
US - Inbound Leads
US - Organic Traffic (M-o-M Growth)

Yes. Take my Business, Inbound.


CFO and The Cloud

Why: The CFO is the Buyer Persona when buying Cloud Services. CFO also happens to be the Project Owner when a business is looking at Cloud Transformation.

What: This was a Sponsored update Prospecting Campaign launched across Social Media – LinkedIn and Facebook. The idea was to get CFOs interested in Cloud Services offered by CSS Corp. CFOs targeted, belonged to Organisations in traditional industries with employees more than 1000. The offer in this campaign, was to talk to a Cloud Solutions expert, so as to progress the conversation to a proposal.

CIO's Cloud Bonus

Why: The CFO campaigns did not succeed. It was then decided to appeal to the aspirations of the CIO who had earlier not emerged strongly as a Cloud Champion. 

What: This was a LinkedIn Sponsored update Nurturing Campaign using newly launched LinkedIn Lead Forms. Bonus was pitched to CIOs to get them interested in a Cloud Transformation eBook. CIOs targeted, belonged to Organisations across sectors with employees more than 1000. The offer in this classic inbound marketing campaign, was to Download an eBook.

Move Websites to AWS

Why: CSS Corp had supported many in the Fortune 500 to move a number of their scattered websites to AWS. Objective was to pitch this specific service piggybacking on the AWS brand acceptance.

What: This was a LinkedIn Sponsored update Prospecting Campaign using LinkedIn Lead Forms. It was a sales offer to generate bottom of the funnel enquiries to be fulfilled by the sales team.


How enterprise service desk can help improve your service and efficiency?

Tech support is a primary service offered by CSS Corp. Many businesses with a ‘tech support’ requirement also articulate their intent using the ‘enterprise service desk’ keyphrase. And their primary questions are around productivity and efficiency. Thus this blog.

What are the different types of cloud deployment models?

Cloud Transformation Services was one of the new businesses that CSS Corp was taking to market. Given the strong competition online, this primer blog was one of the first steps to improve CSS Corp’s online presence.

5 Strategic best practices to improve IT customer service

CSS Corp is known for its Tech Support and Customer Service support. In fact, the US market associated CSS with tech support. To buid this positioning further, a highly strategic long-form blog was crafted.

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Conversational AI eBook to nurture Existing Leads

Why: Conversational AI eBook was created to educate the current “Tech Support” audience on how to drive customer experience with AI, chatbots and more.

What: This eBook sets the context of AI Bots by playfully introducing Sci-Fi. Some data points sourced through secondary research support how AI powered Bots are changing the ground rules of customer experience. This eBook has been kept readable by providing takeaways as well as elaborate explanations of the new trends in customer experience.


A proven short-term 4 month Inbound Marketing intervention to prove the power of Inbound for your business.