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Inside sales box


Why: As a part of a nurturing campaign, this eBook aimed at providing sales coaching. ISB’s persona i.e., SDRs, are sports loving people. Hence, the integration of Sports and Sales Coaching.

What: This creative artwork was designed to unfold the four unique approaches to coaching by the 3 Greatest Sports coaches namely, Sir Alex Ferguson, Anson Dorrance and Phil Jackson. 5 important takeaways SDRs can seize.


Why: This artwork was created in line with the the HubSpot’s State of Inbound 2015 report to equip the ISB’s persona i.e., Sales Reps with essential know-hows of the sales.

What: The 7 important lessons in this eBook highlight the pressing priorities, challenges and tactics the 3957 marketers and salespeople across the world comes across.


Why: A Practitioner’s Guide to Sales Prospecting is created to help Salespeople master the art of sales prospecting and it’s process effortlessly.

What: This eBook coherently explain the modern sales game, evolving buyer’s behavior, essential sales facts, tips and tricks, and lots more. The ebook was done with detailed iconography and fluid integration of brand colors and font to make visually appealing content piece.


Why: Salespeople of ISB’s persona loves Game of Thrones. This eBook was launched to mark the end of season 6 of Game of Thrones with come sales lessons for our persona.

What: This eBook is a set of 15+ lessons taken from the varying GoT’s characters for SDRs to develop essential skills to become an Inside Sales Fighter. The standard blue color and the montserrat font highlights the brand identity and it is designed with attention-grabbing graphics provoking an immediate call-to-action.


The Luxury Home Buyer E-Book

Why: “The International City Luxury Home Buyer” eBook was Sobha’s way of telling its prospects, why customers bought a Sobha Luxury Home?

What: This eBook was part of a nurturing campaign. The ebook was done with detailed iconography and fluid integration of brand colors and font to make visually appealing content piece. Sent via email, this eBook reactivated the existing pipeline that had gone dormant.

Yes. Take my Business, Inbound.


Why:  B2w’s target market is US. Therefore, this eBook was launched in the month of November’2016 (Presidential Election month) for the persona of B2w in order to create popular and engaging videos the way Donald Trump did. 

What: This eBook is a set of 3 lessons taken from the video marketing tactics used by the uber-popular and ever controversial Donald Trump. This 9 pager eBook focuses on what Donald Trump did and what marketers can learn from him in order to effectively built a brand personality, tell a brand story and project their product/service as a solution to their persona’s pain points.

What can Trump teach you about Video Marketing


When Data Overwhelms

Why: This E-Book was for sales ops guys as they are the one’s dealing with data all the time are the targeted buyer persona.  

What: This eBook explain the struggles of a sales ops professional who complex data on day to day basis. His responsibilities are such that he has to derive the knowledge from data which are depicted as mazes. 

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