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Herald Logic is an enterprise software product company serving the Who’s who of India’s Banking, Financial services and Insurance sector (BFSI). Its clients include ICICI Bank, Kotak Life, Royal Sundaram, Dabur and many more.

Dr. Ram Ramdas

Time Period:
Nov 2014 to Nov 2015

Increased website traffic by 100%. Generated 1 MQL every week

1 MQL / week
Inbound leads
2x in a year
Organic Traffic

Yes. Take my Business, Inbound.


Channel Management Webinar

Why: Channel management is still an emerging concept in the area of financial services distribution.

What: The Herald Logic team presented a webinar highlighting challenges in the distribution of financial services. Mr K Venkatesh (IFMR – CEO) was the guest speaker. 20 attendees contributed to the success of the webinar.

Problem Solving Campaign - LinkedIn

Why: Incentives form a significant part of rewards in the financial services sector. Manual calculation of incentives (using excel) results in errors; thereby causing leakage to the tune of 9%.

What: This LinkedIn sponsored campaign was targeted at the Head of Sales and Distribution in the financial services sector. To get a sense of the numbers, click here.

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