Inbound Marketing Pricing And Packages to Grow Your Business

How we price our Inbound Marketing Packages?

If you are looking for 4 different slabs of prices, then this is not the right place.

But, since you have made the effort to come to this web page, we will tell you our methodology. And yes, it contains more than “Depends on your goals”.

Step 1
Know Your Customer

We start our engagement by understanding the nitty gritties of the environment you are operating in: buying behaviour of your prospects, competition level in the market, your current brand status etc.

Step 2
Goal Setting

This information is then mapped to your yearly goals. We then work with you to divide these yearly goals into monthly targets. These monthly targets are then converted into marketing metrics that we are required to deliver.

Step 3
Customized Marketing Plan

Having the above information readily available, our inbound marketing experts determine the type of marketing channels to be used and the intensity of the efforts on those channels.

Step 4
Determine Final Inbound Marketing Pricing Packages

We finally add the expenses that we would be required to allocate on technology, paid media and stock photography to arrive at the final pricing proposal for our Inbound Marketing Services.


Urghhh… We hate to provide approximations without full information about your requirements. However, if you insist, our monthly retainers start at $5,000.

The Inbound Marketing Scope


One to one sessions with our experts to discuss how you can achieve your growth goals through Inbound Marketing


Customized Inbound Marketing Strategy based on your market and revenue targets


Experienced personnel for Content, Graphic Designing, SEO, Workflow Automation for executing the Inbound plan


Best in-class marketing tools to support the strategy and implementation of the Inbound marketing plan

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And Our Clients Couldn’t Be Happier

Daniel Golub - Hippo CMMS
Hippo CMMS has worked with 4 SEO consultants over the last 7 years. Inbound Mantra has been by far the best. Unlike other providers in the past who won’t commit to results or say you won’t see anything until 6 months, these guys have show great results in 3 months. The’ve also been instrumental in pushing out our lead scoring, updating our marketing automation, content creation and more. Basically, they are our in house marketing team and work so quickly that it is hard to keep up. They’re awesome.

Daniel Golub | General Manager | Hippo CMMS

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