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Today’s buyer has challenged us marketers to such an extent that the challenge has become a painful problem.

Inbound Marketing has assuaged the pain, but created corresponding challenges. Especially executing inbound marketing campaigns.

There is business strategy, campaign planning, content creation, buyer persona identification, choice of keywords, content distribution, lead capture and management, analytics, reporting and ROI, of course. It is a ‘beautiful’ mess.

An inbound marketing software simplifies all the above. It automates all the manual activities – saving time and heartburn. And empowers marketers to stay focused on the performance of their campaigns.

What is Inbound Marketing Software?

Inbound Marketing Software is a platform which helps companies and individuals attract visitors, convert leads and close customers all under one roof.

Crucial Aspects of Inbound Marketing Software are:

Attracting prospects

Right people visiting your site are ideal customers, as known as buyers persona. Implementing ideas through collaborative team efforts over the software to let potential leads fall in.


Create valuable content that will help your business get found.

Social Inbox

To build strong relations with people who matter most to your business.


Improve your search rankings and attract quality leads.

Website pages

Track your performance and manage website pages.

Converting them

Writing content which potentially addresses the goals that would convert them. Following the insights in the software could optimize your content.


Change offers based on the kind of viewer.

Landing Pages

Improve conversion rates to generate leads by creating more pages.


Optimize lead conversion by asking the right question at the right time.

Lead Management

Segment your leads based their activity across the site and other channels..

Closing them

Offering the right thing at the right time. Following with the analytics on software to understand the behavior and potential in the lead.


Personalize your emails from the marketing database.

Marketing Automation

Trigger timely follow up emails.


See which traffic sources are generating most leads.

Salesforce Sync

Segment contacts and personalize emails using Salesforce data.

Why choose Inbound marketing software

In this new world, customers have started taking control of the buying process by educating themselves about your product long before the sales team reaches out. As a marketer, it is best for you to help them find you instead of reaching out.
This is Inbound Marketing and an inbound marketing software platform helps you ease and automate inbound marketing processes.
Variety of tools work seamlessly for your teams so that you focus on the market content and performance, not on managing with different tools. Inbound marketing software will give you analytics so you can assess the results in real-time.

Why choose Inbound marketing software

deally, they don’t understand the potential of this software.
Sales is the goal but never thought of how a great content can generate revenue.
Lack of resources to have in-house team to handle it’s daily operations.

When to choose IMS?

Increase reachability

When you want to reach more potential customers through digital channels.

Single platform processing

When you require a collaborative platform for your teams to work and share useful insights.

Buyer persona presence online

When your prospects /customers are moving online to transact business, you need intelligence to enable this behavior change.Thus, inbound marketing software.

Benefits of choosing IMS

Number one benefit is,  grow your business and revenue.

Other benefits:

Consultative sales process

Sales people are the source for key insights about the buying journey of customers, giving them a platform to control thing better would streamline the process.

Connect with other systems

The issue of communication lag between the teams would not be a concern and remote access to information would be a boost.

Service providers

The service providers team  would help with all the technicalities and all the issues.

Who uses IMS

Options available in the market?

We Stand for Business Growth and ROI



Best ways to use IMS

Onboarding : Setup Onboarding and training sessions for executive teams.
Collaboration : Create methods to enable teams to effectively collaborate.
Continuous experimentation : Experiment with campaigns regularly and improve upon the shortcomings.

Why IMS fails?

Leadership Commitment : When senior management and leadership look at inbound marketing software as a cost instead of revenue; the chances of successful implementation fail.
Poor adoption : When the existing marketing/ sales process isn’t mapped to the software, adoption falters.
Absence of coordination : When useful insights gathered from inbound marketing software to check outcomes are not shared among other teams.