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An AI Powered Marketing & Sales Software

Are you a business looking to make your marketing smarter?
But is money a cause of concern?
Are you unwilling to pay a pretty penny for softwares like Hubspot and Marketo?
Then you’ve come to the right place! With Samai, you will have plenty of samai (time) to dedicate to your other business ventures. Using this software you can do any of the following activities much faster than you ever have before:
  • Create high-converting Landing Pages
  • Send beautiful emails
  • Create lists specific to your business requirements.
  • Track website users so as to reach them at the right moment
  • More is on the way…

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Empowering Today’s Marketers

Today’s buyer has challenged us marketers to such an extent that the challenge has become a painful problem.

Inbound Marketing has assuaged the pain, but created corresponding challenges. Especially executing inbound marketing campaigns. There is business strategy, campaign planning, content creation, buyer persona identification, choice of keywords, content distribution, lead capture and management, analytics, reporting and ROI, of course. It is a ‘beautiful’ mess.

An inbound marketing software simplifies all the above. It automates all the manual activities – saving time and heartburn. And empowers marketers to stay focused on the performance of their campaigns.

What is an Inbound Marketing Software?

Inbound Marketing Software is a platform which helps companies and individuals attract visitors, convert leads and close customers all under one roof.

Why choose an Inbound Marketing Software?

In this new world, customers have started taking control of the buying process by educating themselves about your product long before the sales team reaches out. As a marketer, it is best for you to help them find you instead of reaching out. This is Inbound Marketing and an inbound marketing software platform helps you ease and automate inbound marketing processes.

What are the options when buying an Inbound Marketing Software?

There are many marketing automation software available but not many inbound marketing platforms. Here are the best 5 options available in the market –

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HubSpot has established itself as the go-to solution for companies looking to leverage inbound marketing and marketing automation. It is one of the cheapest and comes with functionalities that allow you to blog, capture leads, nurture leads, control social media and multiple SEO features.

It is definitely a top choice for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

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