We are

Your Inbound Marketing Team

We are just like you – humans.

And a little more.

Engineers doing engineering and Engineers not doing engineering (and doing marketing now). Business graduates figuring out the big overwhelming world of Inbound Marketing that surprises them every day. Graphic design graduates who are still wondering how they landed up here.

This motley bunch sharpened their skills (supposedly) at India’s leading educational institutions – engineering, management and design.

This diversity is a hotbed for new ideas, designs, and campaigns.

We truly value it.

What do we share in common?

Chai, biskut (biscuit), occasional lunches – let not all that food distract you – commute, dust storms, power cuts, HubSpot, inbound marketing debates, hacking the numerous content and inbound marketing tools, all with the resolute intent of delivering business outcomes for all our clients – big, small and the startup.

We are your inbound marketing team.

Keen to Chat?

At this point in time, we are considering bringing in a pet :). 

Rajagopalan C
Tanuj Mittal
Sameer Thakur
Versha Rajagopalan
Rahul Rathi
Charudhi Pankaj
Apoorv Sharma