Predictive Lead Scoring

Your intelligent path to Smart Revenue Growth

Lead Scoring meets Predictive

Predictive lead scoring is the next level in lead scoring methodology. It brings the power of predictive modeling to CRM data that is explicit and implicit.

Predictive Lead Scoring is the modern-day concept that unleashes the potential of AI upon your data, thus, extracting only high-potential leads for your sales reps

Utilizing predictive modeling, predictive lead scoring learns from successful leads that have closed into customers and finds similar patterns in all the incoming leads. This is done by pulling information from the CRM, marketing automation software, inbound marketing software and third-party lead enrichment APIs. Predictive lead scoring crunches this ocean of data to support marketing and sales teams, identify patterns and connections that would have been impossible to identify manually.




Online sources
• Social
• Media
• Email

Offline sources
• Referrals
• Cold Calling
Collect them in a spreadsheet or a CRMContact every lead by emailing, calling and at times even doing personal meetings.


Too many ‘BAD’ leads. And you contact all of them. Sometimes you guess who to contact :)

With each day, leads increase
You hire more sales reps to address the demand.
Productivity still is capped.
You’re unable to prioritize leads.
Leads leak.

Traditional Lead Scoring

Unable to offer a credible solution. Creates more problems. Eventually fails because…

  • Analyse lead data
  • Define rules e.g.
    • Job Title
    • Company Industry
    • Website pages visited
    • Forms Filled
  • Assign scores to the rules
  • Contact leads above the threshold score
  • Subjectivity, when assigning weights to rules. Personal experience of business team members might influence the scores.
  • How many rule can you define?
  • If a new factor pops up to qualify leads, you again modify your rules.
  • Becomes complicated in the long run.

What if a machine could tell which Lead to call or drop?


Predictive Lead Scoring tells you which Leads will close into Customers

How Predictive Lead Scoring works?

Squeezing Your CRMExtracting Meaningful DataWaiting for the green signal!
We’ll collect the behavioral data of your leads, spread across your CRMPreserving important data is as important as removing noise from it.Once the data is ready, we feed it to a model and come up with threshold that is specific to your data
This includes anything from the name of lead to the number of clicks he/she performed on a pageWe dig deep into data, understand what it means and then perform necessary cleaningAll you need to do is wait for the model’s green signals!
This approach helps us build a sophisticated and a model just for your case

Hippo CMMS improved sales rep productivity by 236%

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