Rahul Rathi | Graphic Designer

Rahul is a designer with Inbound Mantra. Here he brings ideas to life using pixels, code & film for various clients he handles, which includes Inside Sales Box, Binfire, Rolling Arrays, enParadigm, CosmiKids™.

Born and brought up in a farming family, Rahul hails from Rathiwas. He is a huge fan of superhero flicks and this enticed Rahul to step into the world of multimedia and design.

Rahul is an Animation & Visual Graphic graduate from Amity University. He is a multi-disciplinary designer working on branding and rebranding of designs. He specializes in Graphic Design and 3D among other design mediums.

10 years from now, he sees himself working for a superhero movie.

Inbound Mantra Rated 4.8 out of 5. Reviewed by Sachin Bhatia - "They know their stuff, in and out. Their focus on ROI is welcome"