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Achieve business goals through pragmatic inbound marketing plans customized to your requirements.

Goal-oriented Inbound Marketing Services

Lower Customer Acquisition Cost and Shorten Buying Cycle

The rise of SaaS has completely changed the IT buying model. Instead of upfront payment for licenses along with AMCs, a customer has to only pay a subscription fee for a specified period.

This also means that the high customer acquisition costs and lead closure time associated with traditional marketing practices do not make financial sense for SaaS companies. This problem is further amplified with SaaS founders coming from a technical background having limited time to develop the required marketing skillset.
Inbound Mantra is an Inbound Marketing Agency and also a platinum HubSpot partner with a deep expertise in SaaS marketing. We act as your extended marketing team helping you lower down your customer acquisition cost and shorten the sales cycle through our tailored inbound marketing services.
Our in-house Inbound Marketing specialists have successfully delivered goal-oriented services which have helped our SaaS clients, both in US and India, achieve their quota and revenue targets.
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Honest Inbound Agency

DemandFarm is a Key Account Management Software system solely focused on addressing unique challenges that Key Account professionals face. With focused functionality the software allows all stakeholders of strategic, Key and global account programs to intensively cultivate, build, harvest and profitably grow the organization’s most valuable relationships.
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Our Saasy Clients
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Success Stories

Relentless inbound marketing


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911 Emergency! We need a CMMS, urgently

This eBook emphasized the importance of using a CMMS Software versus manual methods of manageing maintenance

80% of spreadsheets contain errors and still most organization still using manual methods to manage maintenance mean increased losses in cost and productivity.
ebook for the client of a saas inbound marketing agency

Kick-start your PM Program in 4 easy steps

EBook detailing the different steps to successfully kick start an effective preventive maintenance program

A lot of companies are unable to utilize their preventive maintenance program, inspite if having one. This eBook goes into details of how to make the most of the PM program

Learn How our services can grow your SaaS business.

Almost all of our work has been with SaaS companies. We understand what it takes to grow SaaS companies that are looking for a growth formula, having crossed product-market fit.