How To Do It Right : Demand generation And Brand Building For SaaS

Just a couple of weeks ago we were making lead and traffic demand generation projections for 2019 for one of our inbound marketing clients which is a SaaS company. While we were very excited for the optimistic goals we were setting up for ourselves next year, a critical question struck us. Can you guess what that question could have been? We, in fact, threw a similar question at you in one of our recent blogs: Inbound Marketing Hacks for 2019.

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Word of Mouth Marketing Using Inbound Techniques

What is the first thing you do when you want to try a new restaurant for dinner or you want to switch to a new smartphone? You probably ask your friends and family for recommendations or check ratings and reviews on trusted sites and apps. Some of you might even open your favourite tech enthusiast’s Youtube channel and see what product is recommended by them. All of these are in fact examples of Word of Mouth Marketing(WoMM).

According to Nielsen :

  • 92% of consumers trust suggestions and recommendations from friends and family more than advertisements.
  • 88% of people believe online reviews written by other consumers.
  • 74% of consumers accept word of mouth as a key influencer in their purchasing decisions

With such jaw-dropping stats, it’s not a smart decision to neglect the importance of user ratings, reviews and recommendations.

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The truth about Inbound Marketing Experiments

Inbound marketing experiments

Around a month ago, as I was reviewing a certain monthly report , I realized that Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) goals were not being met. I began by looking at the overall CRO performance all year around and realized that it remained static and even dipped for some months.

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Interactive Content: Why Content Marketers Should Start Using It

Interactive content - Header GIF

The future belongs to interactive content – you can either see it as a prediction or a statement.But that doesn’t change the truth.Interactive content is growing. It holds staggering possibilities. And you can see it coming.

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An Interview with DemandFarm’s Milind Katti

buyer_persona_interview (1)

Now I know why buyer personas are at the core of inbound marketing. Because it allows you to capture the person for whose pain you are working to alleviate (and making money in the process).

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5 Inbound Marketing Tools You Should Be Using


Inbound Marketing is budding.

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