Predictive Lead Scoring: Why, How & Where

Predictive lead scoring tools

According to a GEM (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor) report, 3 startups are created every second. So, while you were asleep at least 0.8 million startups were created! Or shall we say, 0.8 million leads came up from nowhere?

Even if 0.1% of these were relevant to your business, you still have approximately 860 leads to contact, assuming you sleep 8 hours a day. Leaving the numbers behind, the most important problem that businesses are and have been facing is the lack of ability to differentiate between high and low-quality leads because the speed at which market is growing is rapid.

So, companies started to come up with their own strategies to handle this problem and the one solution that really emerged was the concept of lead scoring.

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Does Your Business Need HubSpot Marketing Automation?

marketing automation software

There comes a time when your business starts to get more leads than it can handle. When it gets tough to nurture leads across multiple channels, some leads are bound to slip due to various reasons like lack of attention to important leads, lack of personalization etc. That’s when every marketer thinks, what if they had an extra pair of hands to help them with this.

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